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"State regulatory authority in the field of ensuring radiation safety is Nuclear and radiation safety agency under Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, further called regulatory authority, which carries out integrated State policy …".

The main areas of NRSA’s activities include:
• Elaboration and development of standards in the field of radiation safety, physical
   protection, emergency preparedness as well as accounting for and control of nuclear and
   radioactive materials.
• Licensing of all types of activities with the use of nuclear materials or radioactive sources
• Issuance of authorizations for import, export, transit and transportation of radioactive
• Carrying out sites’ inspections which are using in their activity nuclear materials or
   radioactive sources against standards and regulations on radiation safety and license
• Determines qualified requirements to employees working with nuclear materials or
   radioactive sources.
• Determines appropriate procedures on use of sources of ionizing radiation which are
  subject of licensing
• Preparation to radiation accidents and their investigation, forecasting their consequences
   and participation in preventive activities
• Radiation monitoring of Tajikistan’s environment
• Investigation and research in the field of atomic-hydrogen energetic
• Cooperation with international organizations, in particular with International Atomic
  Energy Agency (IAEA).

With the view of national infrastructure establishment on radiation safety which is in full compliance with IAEA recommendations, a number of legislative documents in the field of radiation protection of public and environment were elaborated. Necessary infrastructure is established. Preparations of specialists who able to represent national interests and contribute to different international organizations meetings’ work are in process. Establishment of educational and training center on radiation protection capable to training sufficient number of personnel in the field of radiation safety is in process starting from 2009. Up to the present day, NRSA developed 4 Laws and more than 15 regulations. Also new regulations are in the process of development.
More than 30 specialists in the field of radiation safety: hygienist-epidemiologists, engineer – technologists, chemists, physicist and technicians are working at NRSA. More than 90% have higher education. 6 PhD’s and 1 Doctor of Science are working in NRSA.

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